Friday, 19 February 2010

Beritahu Aku Tentang Rindu

Tajuk post sangat jiwang...eceh

Paksu,terima kasih daun keladi bawa kami jalan-jalan

Maksu,mahu makan lontong maksu lagi boleh?

Najah and Nadhirah,don't give Abah and Ibu a hard time,ok good girls.

Sekarang sudah rindu~~


Monday, 1 February 2010

How to be a cool teenager?

By Wikihow.

1.Think of your good qualities;you have a lot!Go in front of the mirror and say something good about yourself.

Too many things to be done while in front of the mirror.The face,dress,scarf,brooches,coat and even the sock.And now the good quality of mine.Perempuan~~

2.Compliment people you meet(if you see anything you like).Meet lots of new people and be friendly with them.

Okay let's make it nicer and beneficial as well.Haha.
Husna : Wow,beautiful brooch.Wish I had one.
Friend : Here,you can have it.

3.Be flirty sometimes.It is fun to smile at,look at, and talk to your crush or any cute guy/girl that you like.

Hoh...never-lah.Even I had a simple chat with a man at the hospital and my girlfriends kept teasing me all the way back home.Gilak.

4.Throw parties when you can and invite people from your classes.Don't let it get too out of hand though or you could be in big trouble.

Sounds good.When there is a party,there's the food;when there's the food,there is a long talk.Oh,party-food-talk is such a good combination,right?Hey people,throw a party!

5.Pay attention to classes,study and complete homework.School is important no matter what other people say.

Medical school is quite tough no matter what other people say.And the HO is tougher though.

6.Be yourself all the time,because pretending or imitating someone else is not good and not comfortable.People can spot a fake or phony.

I've tried to wear a super feminine outfit one day but my bro got stunned and said,"Kakak,this is really not you".Huh,what a bro.

7.Don't stick to one person all the time.You can have a close friend and even a best friend but if you stick to one friend at all the time,you'll never meet anyone new.

People say switching just can't happen when you've stuck to something for a long time.It's so true,right?I'm still using the pillow that Mak made 9 years ago until now.Haha.

8.Be up to have fun.If anyone suggest something to do,as along as it's legal,healthy and doesn't go against your principle,don't turn it down. cooking rice,sardines and green beans together in one rice cooker.Legal but is it healthy?Maybe,it's green bean.

9.Make friends with energetic,fun-loving people.But this does not mean that you should ignore quieter people or not be their friend,just make sure that a few of them are fun for you to be with.

I have some friends who always make me jump out of comfort zone.So energetic-lah.

10.Be known on the social scene.Especially work on your natural talents,this will make you feel confident and happy.

Oho..not really my cup of tea.Stand in front of others and a shiver in my knees.Lack of self-esteem,that is.

11.Say what you want.Even if it's 'uncool'.However,do not say offensive or hurtful things to other people.Not cool.

I want a new purse with many compartments inside,just like mine before it was missing.I've said what I want.And it's very uncool yet necessary.What not?

12.Laugh at jokes that are funny.But don't feel like you have to laugh at jokes that aren't funny.If people ask you why there you aren't laughing at their 'funny jokes' then say why you think it's not funny.

Laughter is the best medicine.Too much laughter 'menggelapkan hati'.You choose.

13.Be modestly sarcastic.Don't always say mean things,but if you see the irony in something,people will appreciate your wit.

Being outspoken is needed sometimes in order to change the bad things but don't be so outspoken for the sake of being cool.Me not.Heh.

14.Don't get in fights with people.It never works out and only causes hurt feelings.

It's kinda childish for my age to get fights with people.I prefer talking to each other.Or even better,jom belanja minum.

15.Don't go around thinking you are bigger than everyone else,especially if you look like an eyesore.

I'm not 'big',my BMI is normal.Hahaha.