Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Flying high through the sky...so high

Whenever I saw the luggage in my room,I would realize that less than a week left for me to stay here in Malaysia,Kg Pokok Setol specifically.I feel like throwing that luggage away but who's going to pay for the new travel bag later?It's nobody probably.So instead of wasting the money and time (which I've been doing for so long),I've started packing my things and foodies for 'that' day.It seems like I'm doing this with no will and sincerity.I'm not that shallow okay.New move means new hope and spirit.Need to plan well,that is.Sometimes things begin well in me but in the middle it turns out shaky and unsteady.People say it's normal.All I have to do is being positive and consistent.Please wind please;blow this spirit all along the year.To my family and friends,thanks for your caring bak menjinjing minyak yang penuh.Adik,I will miss your 'nak jadi oghe tino gena' saying in your own way.So funny-lah.Love you all more and more.

Look back with no regrets..and say good bye.
P/S = Some of my friends were involved in an accident last 2 days.Hope you can pray for them,for all those affected by this tragedy.Allah bless you.